Zapier Projects

Here are some example projects we have completed.

All projects include user authentication where required. If you would like to test them, you will need to visit the application provider to set up an account.

Application Development Tool Triggers Actions Searches Visibility Example Code
Brightpearl API Docs Web Builder Create Webhook
Matched Complex Order Rule
New Contact Created
New Accounting Entry
Create Order Note
Update Sale Order Status
Create Contact Note
Order Search
Contact Search by Id
Contact Search
Willy WeatherAPI Docs CLI Tool New Weather Warning Get Weather Forecast Invite
TNT CLI Tool Get a freight price Invite
Free SMS API (Australia) CLI Tool Send Message Invite
Adobe Business CatalystAPI Docs CLI Tool New Customer
New Customer Enquiries
Customer Updated
Submit webform Find Customer by ID
Find or Create Customer
Find a Web App Item

Table Explained

Application: The web app that has been integrated.
Development Tool: Zapier has two methods for developing integrations, the CLI Tool or the Web Builder. You can compare the different tools here.
Triggers Triggers are the start of a series of steps that automate something. For example, trigger when a new customer is created.
Actions Actions are the part of the automation that does something. For example, send an email to a customer.
Searches Searches goes and gets information to be used later in the automation. For example, find a customers delivery address before sending an email.
Visibility Some projects are open for anyone to use by invite, others are private and cannot be shared.
Example Code A link to Github if the code has been made available. Only CLI Tool integrations that are open for anyone to use are liked here.